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  • Ladda upp bild till gallerivisning, MASSAGE GUN


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    • 1 year warranty
    • Included in the package: 1 Massagegun, 6 different massageheads, 1 storagebox, 1 charger and user-manual. 
    • Size: 190mm long x 210mm high  
    • Weight: 800 g
    • Engine: Cordless
    • Speed: 6 different speeds (max 3200 stroke/min) 
    • Soundlevel: 35-45Db (Depending on Speed) 
    • Battery: 2600mAh 
    • Durability: 3-5h (Depending on Speed)
    • Battery Charging: 60-90 minuter

    The Massagegun from AZCARI is used for tensed muscles or used to soften stiff and sore muscles. This is an advances massage tool which relieves exercise pain while promoting blood circulation to improve recovery time. Getting and giving massage has never been easier.  

    Why does the gun have 6 different massage-heads?

    • The round ball can be used for massage around the neck, shoulders and legs.
    • The fork can be used to massage the back, thigh and underarms. 
    • The pointy head can be used for a harder and more intense massage. Excellent tool for triggerpoints.
    • The flat head can be used for chest areas.

    A massagegun has many benefits

    • Massage yourself fast, easy and comfortable 

    • Make deep trigger points go away and not interfere with your training or mobility. 

    • Soften your stiff muscles so you can be more active. 

    • Increase your mobility which can reduce the risk of injuries in the long run

    • Improve your recovery and your results